It’s Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch Time with Tri-Valley Head Start, Child and Family Programs!

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In celebration of National Farm to School month, Tri-Valley is joining
schools, preschools, colleges, and hospitals across the Great Lakes
Region states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and
Ohio in the sixth annual Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch. Participants
celebrate National Farm to School Month and local farmers by crunching
into locally grown apples on Thursday, October 10!

have been sent out to district Senators and
Representatives inviting them to join in on the activities and be involved in a
“Legislator to Lunch.”  Activities throughout the day will be held at
each center.  There will be special
guests such as the local fire department, police department, community
partners, farmers, and district legislators!

This collective crunch encourages
healthy eating and supports farm to school and local food initiatives throughout
the Great Lakes Region. We would love it if you
could join us on this day.  It would be a
great opportunity to dialog around the issues of Farm to School/Early Care and
more broadly, Child Nutrition Programs.  Tri-Valley is a strong advocate
of Farm to School and Early Care and center staff would love to have a deeper
conversation of how Tri-Valley incorporates the Farm to Early Care Initiative
in our centers and to share what Farm to Early Care looks like to Tri-Valley.

menu for the day will also be sourced locally and come from a variety of farms
in the area.

more information, or to crunch with us, please contact Jami Lee at


Child Nutrition Services Manager l
Tri-Valley Head Start

(w)218-281-5832 x2047 | (c) 218-689-1907|

more information about the Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch, visit

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to Host “The Importance of the 2020 Census” Lunch and Learn

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(Crookston, Minn.)- Minnesota Council of Nonprofits will host a lunch and learn entitled “The Importance of the 2020 Census” at Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. in Crookston (102 N. Broadway) on Thursday, October 10 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.  

The objectives of the lunch and learn are to
understand the role of the Decennial Census in the geographic distribution of
funds, to discuss the development of internal strategies within your
organization that can develop a culture of civic participation, to learn about
the census timeline, to learn about census updates, and to brainstorm census
outreach efforts. There will also be a discussion and information shared about MCN census grants of up to $5,000 to
support mobilization and education efforts.

The census is part of
democracy that matters to all Minnesotans. 15 billion dollars that are currently
allocated to Minnesota by the U.S. are at stake. This critical funding supports
programs like Medicaid, highway planning, and programs that aid low-income
households, rural communities, and communities of color. Every person we count
matters and contributes to our beautiful and vibrant community.

Michelle Chang is the policy and
equity coordinator at MCN. Her primary focus is building power around Census
2020 in partnership with MCN’s many nonprofit members. She also works
internally to ensure that policies and procedures center around ending disparities
in power, money, access, and more.

If you have any questions about the lunch and
learn, please contact Ashley Charwood, Northwest Minnesota regional
coordinator, at or 218-407-5202.

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) was
founded in 1987 to meet the increasing information needs of nonprofits and to
convene nonprofits to address issues facing the sector. It is the largest state
association of nonprofits in the U.S. Through MCN, nonprofits join together across
interest areas to work on issues of common concern to all.

MNsure Announces Enrollment Period for 2020 Coverage

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ST. PAUL, Minn.—Today MNsure announced that Minnesotans will have seven weeks – from Friday, November 1, 2019, to Monday, December 23, 2019 – to shop for 2020 health coverage. Minnesota’s enrollment period is eight days longer than the federal open enrollment period that runs from November 1 to December 15. MNsure is supplementing the federal open enrollment period with a special enrollment period to give Minnesotans more time to find a health insurance plan that works for them.

“This year,
Minnesotans will have seven weeks to sign up for health and dental coverage
with an effective date of January 1, 2020,” said MNsure CEO Nate Clark. “It’s
important to be covered all twelve months of the year. We’re here to help make
sure consumers are able to choose a plan and enroll by the December 23 deadline
so they can start using their coverage right away in the new year.”

In-person help is

MNsure has a statewide network of over 1,600 expert
assisters who provide free in-person help for Minnesotans looking to apply
and enroll into health coverage. Consumers may work with a navigator or a
broker. Navigators specialize in MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance, while
brokers can offer advice on selecting a private health plan.

Consumers will be
able to view and compare 2020 plans in mid-October so they can be prepared to
enroll starting November 1.

MNsure is the only
place you can qualify for tax credits to lower costs

For coverage year 2019, 60 percent of private plan enrollees are receiving tax credits averaging more than $5,500 a year per household. In total, Minnesotans are poised to save over $224 million in tax credits in 2019. Of the more than 500,000 Minnesotans who found coverage through MNsure, over 85 percent qualified for tax credits, MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance.

For more information on MNsure or to get MNsure Navigator assistance, please contact Nancy Ramon (Tri-Valley Community Assistance Program Coordinator) at 1-800-201-3475.

Take a Tour of Beautiful Itasca State Park in September with Tri-Valley Transportation Programs

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(Crookston, Minn.)- Tri-Valley Transportation
Programs is offering a convenient way to get out and see the seasonal colors in
September. T.H.E. Bus will again be welcoming back autumn with Fall Leaf Tours
to Itasca State Park. Polk,
Norman, Mahnomen, Red Lake and Clearwater County riders will have the
opportunity to ride T.H.E. Bus on Wednesday, September 25 and Pennington,
Kittson and Marshall County riders will have the opportunity to ride T.H.E. Bus
on Friday, September 27. There will be opportunities to get off the bus, walk
trails, and enjoy the visitor’s center. Attendees are encouraged to bring a bag
lunch to enjoy at the park.

T.H.E. Bus will arrive at the park at 10 am and
leave at 1 pm. The cost is only $10 for round-trip transportation to and from
the park with several pick-up locations available (please call for pickup
locations). For more information or to reserve your seat for the Tri-Valley
Fall Leaf Tours call 800-201-3432. (Note: the deadline to reserve your seat is
noon the day before the scheduled trip date)

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to Host Social Media & Messaging Workshop on August 28

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Minnesota Council of Nonprofits will host a Social Media & Messaging
workshop at Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. in Crookston (102 N. Broadway)
on Wednesday, August 28 from 1 – 3 pm.

Sarah Crumrine, of MCN for “Let’s Get Social” – a workshop all about social
media and how to utilize it in your organization, even if you have few staff,
little-to-no budget, or just aren’t sure how to get going. In this workshop,
we’ll discuss a number of topics, including:

*Developing a social media plan                                             *Time
management while wearing multiple hats

*Increasing engagement among fans and
followers             *Cost-effective

*What happens when social media goes wrong                     *Tools to make social media

will walk away with increased confidence working with social media, as well as
tools they can use to make working with social media easier and more impactful.

cost of the workshop is $20 for MCN members and $45 for nonmembers. To register
for the Crookston workshop visit:

If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact Ashley
Charwood, Northwest Minnesota regional coordinator, at
or 218-407-5202.

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) was founded in 1987 to meet the
increasing information needs of nonprofits and to convene nonprofits to address
issues facing the sector. It is the largest state association of nonprofits in
the U.S. Through MCN, nonprofits join together across interest areas to work on
issues of common concern to all.

Tri-Valley’s Laurie Coleman Invited to Capital for Children’s Cabinet Re-Launch

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Coleman, Tri-Valley’s Head Start, Child and Family Programs Director, was
invited to the Minnesota State Capital on Wednesday, August 7 for the
announcement of the Children’s Cabinet re-launch. Coleman was invited as a key
partner in making Minnesota the best state for each and every child. She
currently serves on the Early Child Reform Committee and the BUILD Initiative.

executive order to reestablish a Children’s Cabinet will make children’s issues
a more visible priority in Walz’s administration. The Children’s Cabinet works
to bring efficiency and effectiveness to state government efforts to improve
child and youth outcomes. The work of the Cabinet can also involve
collaboration with counties, local communities and other stakeholders. It will better
align state services related to children and their families, including
education, health care, childcare and housing. For more
information about Minnesota’s Children’s Cabinet visit

The Early
Childhood Reform Committee
operates in an advisory capacity to state
agencies and was established in response to a lack of equitable opportunity
which has caused significant disparities in developmental outcomes for children
prenatally through age 8.  The committee’s goal is to ensure children and
families are receiving the supports they need in a manner that encourages their
optimal growth and development and eliminates racial disparities in program
access and outcomes. 


works with early childhood leaders within states
and nationally to better prepare young children to thrive and succeed. The Initiative
helps state leaders develop an early childhood system – programs, services and
policies tailored to the needs of the state’s unique young child population.

Understanding the Children’s Mental Health System Workshop to be Offered in Ada and Erskine

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An interactive workshop
presented by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) entitled “Understanding
the Children’s Mental Health System” will be offered in Ada on Tuesday, August
20 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. at the Ada Event Center. On Wednesday, August 21 the
workshop will be held in Erskine from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at the Erskine
Community Center.

 Learn about Minnesota’s children’s mental
health system. Gain information about the different types of services and
supports available to families who have a child with a mental illness, and how
to access them. Understand best practices and the rights of children and their
families in the clinical treatment setting as well as the school. This class is
designed for parents, school staff, and other providers who support children
and their families.

Ada: To register, visit:

Erskine: To register, visit:

For more information, contact Sarah at 651-645-2948 ext. 130 or

Tri-Valley will be “On The Go” this summer (Brooks, Oklee, Red Lake Falls)

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Minn.)- Area community members interested in learning more about Tri-Valley
Opportunity Council, Inc. and the programs offered at the community action agency
will have an opportunity to do just that this summer.

in Crookston will host a series of “Tri-Valley on the Go” events in area
communities. Staff will travel on T.H.E. Bus and set up an informational booth
at designated locations in several communities including Warren, Argyle,
Hallock, Ada, Mahnomen, Fertile, Roseau, Warroad, Brooks, Oklee, and Red Lake

The upcoming event
in the series will be held on Thursday, August 15 in Brooks (Brooks Travel
Plaza) at 9:30 am, Oklee (Community Center) at 11:15 am, and Red Lake Falls
(Downtown) at 1:15 pm and will last approximately one hour in each location.

more information on “Tri-Valley on the Go” or to have Tri-Valley staff and
T.H.E. Bus visit your community, please call 800-584-7020.

Catch T.H.E. Bus to the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion on Friday, August 30

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(Crookston, Minn.)- Tri-Valley Transportation
Programs is offering a convenient way to get to the Western Minnesota Steam
Threshers Reunion in Rollag, Minn. on Friday, August 30. T.H.E. Bus will be
giving rides to the event for only $10 round trip! T.H.E. Bus will arrive in
Rollag at 10 am and depart at 4 pm. Reserve your ride by noon on August 28. Due
to the great interest in this event, there will only be one pickup location per
town. Please call 1-800-201-3432 for more information including town pickups
and times.

To learn more about the Western Minnesota Steam
Threshers Reunion please visit

T.H.E. Bus is a curb to curb service and provides public transportation services
to the general public in eight Minnesota counties, Polk, Red Lake, Norman,
Marshall, Kittson, Pennington, Mahnomen, and Clearwater. Buses run through
these counties on various days with various destinations. Our public transit
buses are available with no age limits or income guidelines.

The Board of the Minnesota Community Action Partnership announces that they have hired William B. Grant as Executive Director of the Partnership effective August 19, 2019.

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(St. Paul, Minn.)- We thank Arnie Anderson for his 12 years of leadership at MinnCAP. Please join us in wishing Arnie well as he moves into semi-retirement.

“We are
fortunate to have someone with Bill’s experience with Community Action join
MinnCAP in a leadership role,” said Lori Schultz, MinnCAP Board Chair. “Bill
brings a broad experience working with diverse stakeholders statewide,
extensive involvement working with the legislature, and a comprehensive firsthand
understanding of the impact of Community Action.  His engaging and curious leadership style,
skill with relationship building, and deep leadership capabilities in
operations and administration are what Minnesota’s Community Action network
needs at this time.”

Minnesota Community Action Partnership is made up of 24 private, nonprofit
Community Action Agencies serving all 87 counties. Community Action Agencies
offer the last local line of defense for families in need.

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