Tri-Valley Transportation Programs Asks, Are You Ready to “Try It”?

Try It Commuter Challenge (media)Tri-Valley Transportation Programs in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Transportation is beginning a commuter challenge called “Try It!” In conjunction with the commuter challenge, Tri-Valley Transportation Programs plans to develop a new commuter route service for the area. The service will connect the cities of Crookston and Grand Forks and will begin May 1, 2017. The “Try It!” Commuter Challenge invites those who can benefit from the new commuter route to call Tri-Valley Transportation with any questions and then get out and “Try It!”

The commuter route will pick up at the East Grand Forks Shopko at 6:15 AM and will drop riders off at Crookston employers at 7:00 AM. In the afternoon, Tri-Valley will pick riders up at their place of work at 4:00 PM and drop them off at the East Grand Forks Shopko at 5:00 PM.

This commuter route has been requested several times by residents of both Crookston wanting a commuter route to Grand Forks and Grand Forks/East Grand Forks residents who travel to Crookston for employment and/or educational purposes. Employers are interested in seeing this route once again offered to increase their hiring pools and options.

For more information on the “Try It!” Commuter Challenge, call Tri-Valley Transportation Programs at 1-800-201-3432.