Elysian Area Learning Center Wows The Dentist!

Dr. Ovalle is amazed at the healthy teeth he examined at the Elysian Area Learning Center!

Renee, Rice Co. Public Health, hard at work!

Dr. Saul Ovalle, DDS, has been coming to the EALC for the past four years  to  provide the dental screenings for the children. This year, he was “Wowed” by the healthy teeth and cooperative children that hopped  on his chair!  While visiting with him afterwards he commented on the great improvement he’s seen since his first visit to Elysian.  When Dr. Ovalle first started visiting EALC it was not uncommon for him to  spend most of a morning doing dental exams – this visit, he was here and ready to go in less than 1 ½ hours!  His comment: “What a difference Head Start has made in the dental health of these children.  With regular screening, good dental health education in the classroom, and information shared with parents; children are coming to school with healthy teeth. Keep up the good work!”

Along with Dr. Ovalle, we were able to enlist the help of Renee, from The Rice County Public Health office.  She provided cleaning for all the children who did not need follow up treatments.   You can see by the accompanying picture that the children were eagerly lining up to have their teeth cleaned!