Tri-Valley’s Title I Migrant Education Services team volunteers at Every Meal in Roseville.

The Title I Migrant Education Services team volunteered at Every Meal in Roseville. They helped to package 2,538 bags which is 9,728 meals for Minnesotan children that live with food insecurity. Every Meal works to fight hunger in our community by filling gaps in food access that children face during the weekends, summers and extended breaks. Cris Young stated, “Every Meal has been donating meal bags to Tri-Valley Opportunity Council for our families with food insecurities. It was time to give back. They had sent out an email that they were short on volunteers, so we decided to take a couple of hours out of our day to help. It was very rewarding to know that the meals that we packaged would be appreciated by hungry children in Minnesota, including families we serve.”  For more information about Every Meal, visit their website Every Meal | Our Mission is to Fight Child Hunger | Home