Transportation Service & Maintenance

(Tom Bray, Transportation Fleet Supervisor)

It’s another cold and windy day in Northwestern Minnesota. The ridership for the year has increased nine percent. With the cold winter weather, it’s understood that ridership and demands for the buses will increase. As the drivers put more miles on and with the harsh weather, the buses need more service to keep them safe and dependable. At the shop we are always working to keep the buses in tip-top shape for the safety and security of all involved. Having so many routes and a high ridership T.H.E. Bus has to be ready to go. Sometimes there are some long days but knowing that everyone has a safe and dependable ride on T.H.E. Bus makes it all worthwhile. It is nice to hear about the numbers of rides a route had and knowing that they had a safe and dependable ride to get to their destination. Keeping up with the growing ridership is a fun challenge for all of us in transportation.

For information on bus service and maintenance visit /services/transportation/bus-maintenance/.  For T.H.E. Bus schedules and contact information visit /services/transportation/t-h-e-bus-schedule/.