It’s Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch Time with Tri-Valley Head Start, Child and Family Programs!

In celebration of National Farm to School month, Tri-Valley is joining schools, preschools, colleges, and hospitals across the Great Lakes Region states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio in the sixth annual Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch. Participants celebrate National Farm to School Month and local farmers by crunching into locally grown apples on Thursday, October 10!

Invitations have been sent out to district Senators and Representatives inviting them to join in on the activities and be involved in a “Legislator to Lunch.”  Activities throughout the day will be held at each center.  There will be special guests such as the local fire department, police department, community partners, farmers, and district legislators!

This collective crunch encourages healthy eating and supports farm to school and local food initiatives throughout the Great Lakes Region. We would love it if you could join us on this day.  It would be a great opportunity to dialog around the issues of Farm to School/Early Care and more broadly, Child Nutrition Programs.  Tri-Valley is a strong advocate of Farm to School and Early Care and center staff would love to have a deeper conversation of how Tri-Valley incorporates the Farm to Early Care Initiative in our centers and to share what Farm to Early Care looks like to Tri-Valley.

The menu for the day will also be sourced locally and come from a variety of farms in the area.

For more information, or to crunch with us, please contact Jami Lee at


Child Nutrition Services Manager l Tri-Valley Head Start

(w)218-281-5832 x2047 | (c) 218-689-1907|

For more information about the Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch, visit